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Friday’s Fresh Farm Find – First Customer Project

Friday’s Fresh Farm Find – First Customer Project

1950 Dodge - Friday's Fresh Farm Find - Vintage Cars - Trucks - Parts - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota1950 Dodge - Friday's Fresh Farm Find - Vintage Cars - Trucks - Parts - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota1950 Dodge - Friday's Fresh Farm Find - Vintage Cars - Trucks - Parts - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota

**CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR MORE**  If you’ve seen our website, you probably already know that it’s a little sparse, and short on content. Please be patient. These things take time. I’ll also say that my goal is to only write about, or post pictures of vehicles or cool things that we have for sale, or are here at the property and we can help sell for our friend at Dick’s Auto. I want to stay true, and authentic to our company culture of taking care of our employees as if they are family, having fun in everything we do, and providing our customers with the best products and services we possibly can. Everything we do is about the cool vintage cars and trucks, and not about the drama you might see somewhere else. Please check our website often, as we have some very exciting things happening, and share us on your social media when you see something you like. Heck, share us every day!! That’s what I tell my Mother.

This week I thought I’d point you to the tab on our website titled, “Customer Projects”. I am so excited to share our first story that will be going in there.

This summer I had one of my friends from Montana drop off this nice little 1950 Dodge Pickup. It was pretty straight, and all the tires were holding air, but it was full of junk and smelled awful. We cleaned it up, titled it and quickly put her up for sale. It wasn’t here very long before a guy named Mike from Massachusetts sent me a deposit to hold it until he could make the drive out to pick her up. Mike had bought and already restored another truck from here four years ago, so he knew we’d have some good merchandise to work with.

It wasn’t long before he picked it up, and he told me he planned to begin work immediately.  It’s only been a little over a month since he took her home, and you can see from the pictures that Mike isn’t wasting any time. This truck was in really good shape, and even though that helps, there is still a lot of work that goes into rebuilding one of these.

You can see the pictures he sent me. It looks like everything is apart, and he said it’s been sent to the media blaster. This truck went from Montana to a new life in Massachusetts. How cool is that? Mike can be proud that his little 1950 Dodge pickup will forever be the official “First Customer Project” that originated here at Angry Auto Group.

**UPDATE** October 2019

Last week we received a picture of the cab coming back from paint. I’d say it’s going to be a pretty red when its all done. This was a really good pickup to begin with and when we sold it to him a year ago. I bet there were only 20 people following us on social media. Today….. with close to 8,000 regular followers I don’t think a truck as good as this would last more than a week. Watch us closely, because if you’re in the market for a great project vehicle you have to grab them quick.

This is going to be a great truck when its finished and we can’t wait to see it back on the road again.

1950 Dodge Pickup -  Vintage Cars - Trucks - Parts - Angry Auto Group - Minot - North Dakota

Check back often, as we’ll keep you updated as things progress.

Friday’s Fresh Farm Find – Simpl-Filer

Friday’s Fresh Farm Find – Simpl-Filer

Earlier this past summer, a very close friend of mine mentioned to me that a guy he knew had a box full of flat glass patterns for older cars. After a little banter back and forth, he asked me if I would have any interest in it. Of course I expressed my interest, and then the memory of it kind of faded away.

As I’m always busy juggling many different things, I had pretty much forgotten about the mysterious box until maybe a month later. This time the conversation was more specific. If I was really interested, then the box would probably be for sale. The guy needed to get it down to a place where it would be accessible and then he’d let me know when I could see it. Fantastic, one step closer I thought. Still, another week or two passed before the call finally came, and I arranged to meet a friend of a friend at a warehouse on the opposite side of town to see the box. Finally…… The Box.

I had no idea what to expect, and to say I was surprised would be a huge understatement.

I walked in, and after some short introductions was shown a rather large wooden box. No surprise there. But the events that took place over the next few minutes completely shocked me. The owner of the box systematically walked me through the process of using this box and its contents for its intended purpose.

First of all, you have to understand that from the time they began building vehicles, until later in the 50’s or 60’s almost all of the glass was cut from flat panels. The exception would be some windshields and back windows, or a few corner windows, but if you think about it….. the vast majority of the glass was flat.

Over the next few minutes, I tried to wrap my brain around the realization that this box might actually contain what was purported to be most of the glass patterns for all the different makes and models of American made vehicles up to 1959. I honestly think I went into a temporary state of paralysis, just staring wide-eyed at the box with my mouth hanging open.

I snapped out of my trance and calmly listened as he explained the functions of the different parts of this box. I was shown books listing what could very well be every popular American made vehicle beginning in the late 1920s. You begin by looking up the year, make and model of your vehicle. You can then find the exact glass pattern you need. For example, you might have a 1934 Federal truck with a sleeper cab, (wouldn’t that be awesome), and you need a new windshield. You look up the truck and then find the corresponding pattern number for the glass you need. Now it’s time to use the box.

The box is stocked with what I would call scrolls. The main, original scroll is large and covers all vehicles from the beginning of time to about 1952. As you roll the scroll across the box, from one side to the other, you can see thousands of overlapping patterns that have numbers that correspond to the numbers in the book.
There are about 3,000 patterns on the first scroll, and then we have other yearly supplement scrolls that can be fed into the box. These additional scrolls cover a year at a time and we have them through 1959.

After you find the pattern that corresponds to the number you need, you can just trace it onto the glass and like magic, you can cut a piece of glass that should fit your older car or truck. The key to this box and the books that go with it are the notes. There are notes in the books, and notes on the patterns which make slight adjustments to the size and shape of some pieces. There is no way anyone could ever put a value on these notes that were created over time from real life experience. How cool is this?

I think this is an extraordinary find and will be very useful to us for many years to come.

As always, our ultimate goal is to get all these great cars and trucks back on the road. We plan to use our Simpl-Filer box to supply glass patterns to customers who need new glass cut for their restoration projects. Please understand that there are a few instances where the book shows that some patterns are unavailable, and we have found a gap in numbers through the war years. But overall, we still have about 4,000 patterns and that should help us get new glass for most of the pre-1959 vehicles out there.

Should you need some, or any have questions, just give us a call.

Simpl-Filer - Friday's Fresh Farm Find - Vintage truck - classic cars - Angry Auto Group - Minot North DakotaSimpl-Filer - Friday's Fresh Farm Find - Vintage truck - classic cars - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota

Simpl-Filer - Friday's Fresh Farm Find - Vintage truck - classic cars - Angry Auto Group - Minot North DakotaSimpl-Filer - Friday's Fresh Farm Find - Vintage truck - classic cars - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota






Friday’s Fresh Farm Find – 1933 Plymouth Coupe

Friday’s Fresh Farm Find – 1933 Plymouth Coupe

Now cue up the dream sequence……….

Sitting here writing this, I can feel myself sweating on a hot, humid, summer night, the smell of fresh cut hay wafting from a nearby field. I can imagine myself racing on a sticky dirt circle track under glaring lights which are slightly obscured by the regular complement of summertime bugs. As the race progresses the smells of raw gas and exhaust fill my nose, as my eardrums are cracking under the pressure of sound blasting from the angry mob of screaming race cars. I can feel the muscles burn in my hands and arms as I manhandle the steering wheel to constantly keep the car turning left. Bouncing through each corner, my open face helmet keeps slamming into the roll cage, and the thin lap seatbelt is tearing into my side as I try to keep myself sitting upright and in the center of the seat. I use the back of my hand to wipe the dirt from my goggles and barely notice the gritty flavor each time I lick my lips. My adrenaline filled heart and lungs feel like they’re going to burst from my chest. This is exciting, and I’m breathing hard just writing it!

This is probably the feeling many guys lived to feel every Saturday night at their local race track, and still do today. (Although under slightly safer conditions)
A friend of mine bought this little Plymouth last summer. The owner said it had raced in North East, North Dakota back in the 60’s It was built with a 283 small block mated to a Powerglide transmission. All that power was transferred through a stock frame and leaf spring suspension. It’s got an old school roll cage, and there was even an old sign welded into the floor to probably cover up some larger holes. This is a testament to true racing ingenuity and must have been a real handful on the track.

After all that, it really doesn’t look that bad. These cars are hard to find in any condition, and we’ve seen full restoration projects begin with much less than this. I have a feeling that this one will go on to live a very long life, and its story will continue to amaze us. I hope we’ll be able to keep you updated.


Simpl-Filer - Friday's Fresh Farm Find - Vintage truck - classic cars - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota  Simpl-Filer - Friday's Fresh Farm Find - Vintage truck - classic cars - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota

Simpl-Filer - Friday's Fresh Farm Find - Vintage truck - classic cars - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota  Simpl-Filer - Friday's Fresh Farm Find - Vintage truck - classic cars - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota





Friday’s Fresh Farm Find – Thankful for the Customers

Friday’s Fresh Farm Find – Thankful for the Customers

Today is the day after Thanksgiving. The day after most of us paused for a moment to give thanks for a plethora of blessings bestowed upon us over the last year. We then ate far too much, and while watching a football game, many of us fell into a tryptophan induced coma for about an hour.

My goal is to write a story every week and talk about the cool vehicles we find or have in our yard for sale. I really want cars and trucks to be the focus and the center of attention. Today, and every day I, as well as my team at Angry Auto Group, are truly thankful for the people who love these vehicles (treasures) as much as we do. We are privileged to share in the excitement of a customer who either receives the parts we’ve shipped or drives across the country to pick up their latest purchase.

A couple months ago I purchased six vehicles located in a field about 80 miles from the shop. The blurry picture showed six vehicles, and I could see that none of them were in very good condition. I couldn’t even tell what make or year most of them were. The price was right even if I could salvage just a few parts from each one, before sending the carcasses off to be crushed.

A couple weeks later, as we were pulling the few good parts off, we received a call from a customer with questions about the front suspension on a 1936 Dodge. Incredibly, we had just confirmed that one of the six we had just brought in was a 1936 Plymouth. Jackpot!!!! The suspension parts he needed seemed to be intact and still on the car. We were able to get pictures and carefully remove everything for him. We had great success story, and a very happy customer.

We also just had a customer purchase his winter project from us. He fell in love, (just as we did) with our little 1950 Dodge pickup. This one had come in from Montana this past summer. After sending a deposit, he drove out from Massachusetts to pick it up himself. He was all smiles when he left, and I bet he hasn’t stopped smiling since. I was a little sad to see that truck go, but I know we did our job. We rescued if from a field, cleaned it up, and were able to put it in the hands of someone who will now put it back on the road.

We’ve sold some rare trim and rust-free body parts to customers in the Chicago area, New Jersey, and many other rust belt states. We can’t wait to see pictures of their finished projects and hear the cool stories that go with them.

We truly enjoy rescuing these vehicles, cleaning them up and selling them as titled, rolling stock for your restoration project. We equally enjoy carefully taking some of them apart and saving every piece, so they can be used to help even more vehicles stay on the road or look better at the next show. I never want to lose that feeling of satisfaction I get from personally having a hand in either the purchase, sale, or shipping of a vehicle or parts. We love hearing stories about projects and getting the phone call or email from a happy customer who excitedly tells us everything worked out great.

Check our website often. We are going to start posting stories of customers’ projects and give progress reports as often as we can.

This year on behalf of myself and my team, we want you to know that we are thankful to have the opportunity to be where we are, doing what we do, with all the great people who love old cars and trucks as much as we do.

Friday’s Fresh Farm Find – Pink Cadillac

Friday’s Fresh Farm Find – Pink Cadillac

I’m not a guy who gets to spend time at the ocean very often. I can only imagine my reaction if I were lazily floating around and spotted a big set of shark-fins in the distance.

This was just about the same reaction I had a couple weeks ago when Chad and I were going through a scrap yard in North Dakota.

First I saw him point, then I think I heard him say something like, “Over there, fins!” Looking out across a sea of vehicles lined up for the crusher, I saw them. The unmistakable fins of a late fifties Cadillac.

I quickly started working my way toward them.

And then, like beacons in the night, I saw what some would call the Dagmars. Those beautiful, circular-stainless pieces, topped with black, pointy-cones that define the front of many highly optioned cars of that time period. Naturally, most guys seem to be attracted to these, but that’s a whole different story.

This car is truly a thing of beauty. The pink has oxidized and faded to a kind of dull white, but most of the stainless-steel trim still glistens in the sunlight.

By every conceivable measure, this is a big girl. She’s 18-feet 9-inches long, 84-inches wide, and weighs 5,030 pounds as delivered. I also read where the 0-60 mph time was about 10.8 seconds, which is really good when you’re talking about moving an elephant. I even read in one place where the original base price was $5,040, or about $1 per pound.

It has four doors and surprisingly, a hard top. That means, when you roll all the windows down, you could probably drive a regular car through one side and out the other with no obstructions. It has some creature comforts like power windows, power seats, and even an automatic headlight dimmer on the dash.

Overall, this earns a rating of cool times ten in my book.

This was a great find for us at the scrap yard, as those guys are always looking for anything “big and heavy,” to throw in the crusher. I also knew that trying to buy it would be like taking a bone from a big dog’s mouth, but this is the inventory we needed and I was willing to fight a little for it. Deep down I was afraid of what I was going to have to pay for her.

After looking around at some other great cars, we were able to put a package-deal together and committed to buy five.

Thankfully, on this day, the package included this beautiful Pink Caddy.

We have it in the shop now and we’re starting to carefully take it apart. All three miles of trim will be sold by the piece and we’re debating whether to sell everything else by the pound.

If you are currently searching for anything, give us a call!

1958 Cadillac - Vintage Car - Truck - Parts - Barn Find - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota  1958 Cadillac - Vintage Car - Truck - Parts - Barn Find - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota

1958 Cadillac - Vintage Car - Truck - Parts - Barn Find - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota  1958 Cadillac - Vintage Car - Truck - Parts - Barn Find - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota