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About Us:

Angry Auto Group is built on a culture of taking care of our team as family, having fun with everything we do, and providing the best products and customer service. We love searching for and finding treasures on farms and ranches across North Dakota and Montana. Our best day includes bringing home a cool car or truck that we just rescued from a field or barn. We clean it up, do some research, obtain a title, admire it a little and then list it for sale. Our ultimate goal is to put each of these treasures in the hands of someone who will love and cherish them as much as the original owner did many years ago.

When I was a kid, my Dad, who was a mechanic, loved working on old cars, trucks and John Deere tractors. Our family car was a 1967 Oldsmobile 442, and he fixed up a great early 50’s Chevy 3100 and later, a 1972 Chevy C10. I loved the older cars, but was always aggravated when he’d drag home another “Pile of Junk” and announce that we were going to restore it. Really, this just meant that we would spend what seemed like endless hours, days, and months beating, pulling, and sanding to get everything straight and working again. I was about ten or eleven years old when I boldly announced that someday…… I was going to buy something cool, that was already finished, and we would never need to work on it. My Dad dismissed this as an adolescent, far fetched dream, and told me that would probably never happen. This made me all the more determined.

In my late teens and early twenties I bought some cool cars. I drove them a lot, but they all needed a little work. Nothing was show ready, until, at 27 years old, I bought a beautiful, all original 1968 Cutlass Convertible. This was the turning point. My first car dream was realized, and there was no turning back. This gave me the mindset, and encouragement that has helped propel me to where I am today.

Things take time and almost twenty years passed before I really started buying cool farm trucks in bulk, and beginning to formulate real plans to open a shop.

Over the years, and after going to many car shows, a common theme occurred over and over. Everyone restoring an old car or truck needed parts. It seemed that in the 80’s and 90’s there was a surge in companies producing aftermarket reproduction parts. Many of these companies produce good parts, yet over time it’s been widely publicized that many more companies are putting out parts that don’t fit exactly like the should, or don’t even have the same original quality.

Everyone was looking for original parts. But after sixty years of sitting in fields and barns, the parts are slowly being worn away by time. And sadly, no one ever knows where they are. I realized they needed to be pulled in from the fields and marketed in a way that people can see them again.

My grand plan is to buy all the great vehicles that are parked on farms and ranches across the West. This includes the vehicles that we can help people put back on the road, and all the vehicles that have valuable parts. We will bring these parts vehicles into our shop, and systematically dismantle them. We will photograph, document, and catalog every useable part. We will warehouse the parts and have them ready to ship to anyone who will put them back to use.

Along the way, I look forward to traveling the back roads, and talking to great country folks, to hear the stories about their great vehicles. We will be buying, hauling, dismantling, and then building our website.