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   In my dream, I was hearing loud explosions, and then a massive amount of water spraying. I opened my eyes, and although it was completely dark, the spraying water was not just a dream….. it was real.

On December 13, 2018 Jesse James wrote a post on Instagram where he talked about the evil anti-work entity called “The Couch”. Jesse told how the couch was invented by Jay Wellington in 1895, and that all couches possess a demonic gravitational pull. “If your ass is within 3 feet, you’re screwed”, he wrote. You’ll sit down and won’t get up until it’s too late to get anything else done. Jesse was 100% right.
I was at a place in my life where I spent 70-80 hours a week at my business, but no matter what time I came home, it seemed like I was drawn to the couch like a fly to dog Sh!$ and would fall asleep watching TV. I had just committed everything to my lifelong passion / hobby and created a unique car business. I had just begun my social media push and was juggling many different things at once. The couch seemed to pull me in and stop my production every single night I came home.
As I’m always searching for advise and insight from different sources and people I respect or admire, this little post struck me right between the eyes. I realized it was time for a big change. To save money, I got rid of the nice apartment, and moved into the cheapest place I could find. It wasn’t in the best part of town, but the price was right. The place was in a basement, small, and still dirty from the last people who were there. The smell of stale cat urine greeted me every time I opened the door. I cleaned only the areas that I thought I’d come into contact with, and I only moved my bed, my work clothes, and the minimum amount of dishes I needed to heat a few things in the micro wave. Everything else was boxed, shrink wrapped and put in storage. I dedicated myself to my work, and growing my business. No more couch, and no more television. There was no need to go home unless it was for sleep. Every night when I open the door, and that smell hits me….. I swear three times, “I hate this place, I hate this place, I hate this place”. And then in the morning as I open my eyes, I’m once again reminded that there is really no reason to be there, and I rush to get back to work.
At 50 years old, habits die hard. I’ve never been lazy or unmotivated. But I now realize that for many years, I could have done more. The couch was partly holding me back. I was really just starting Angry Auto Goup a year ago, and although it still has a long ways to go before I consider it a success, I know I would not be where I am today if I had gone home and watched TV from the couch for the last year.
But how did Jesse James actually save my life? This is where things get interesting. On Sunday, November 17th 2019, I came home from the shop at about 11:30 pm. As usual I made my regular “I hate this place” statements and went straight to bed. At about 1:30am I was in the middle of a dream and seemed to hear loud explosions, and then a massive amount of water spraying. I opened my eyes, and although it was completely dark, the spraying water was not just a dream….. it was real.
I rushed out to the kitchen / living room area to find water spraying from a burst water pipe in the kitchen wall. I ran out of my apartment, and down the hallway where I found a water shut off valve in the buildings laundry room.
Next, I called my landlord to tell him about the pipe, and the water that had flooded my kitchen. As I was leaving a message for him, I began noticing holes in other walls, and as I was becoming more aware of what I was looking at, I noticed there was a pattern to the holes and quickly realized they had to be from bullets. There were bullet holes everywhere. The kitchen, dinning area, living room, and one even made it into my bedroom. I now figured out the water line near the sink had taken a direct hit.
Within minutes the police were there, and began a night long crime scene investigation. It seems as if someone fired eighteen shots at the building, with 14 coming through my kitchen window area, and then traveling across the apartment and lodging in the living room wall. This would be the exact living room wall and location where I would have put my wonderful couch. You see, until December 2018, I would have been laying on that couch watching TV or asleep. If I had been laying on that couch I would have had three of those bullets go though me, or at best, through a good couch. But since I had my couch in storage, we were both saved from the stray bullets.
I can’t continue to think about the “What if’s” of the situation. But I do know, that if I had not read that post almost a year earlier, there would be a good chance of having one less cool car guy on this earth.
Of course there are no suspects, but there is speculation that the intended target lived above me. I’m not sure about that, but whatever the case, I’m still here. I believe God has a plan for our lives, and mine doesn’t end here.
I want to personally thank Jesse James for that piece of advice that prompted me to make a change in my life. It’s helped me concentrate more on my business and surely kept me from getting killed by sleeping on my couch. Thanks Jesse. Thanks for giving everyone a glimpse into your life.

Check out the pictures of the outside vs. inside of my kitchen window.  The wall where my couch would have sat. (shown after the police cut holes to remove evidence). And lastly that shot straight through the water line.