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I’ve always had fond memories of the first truck my Dad built. I seem to remember it being a 1950 Chevy, and as you can see by the pictures, it looked pretty cool. He’s passed on now, and I wish I had asked more specific questions about it. I’m pretty sure it had a small block Chevy and a four speed. I know the bed had nice wood in it because I spent a lot of time riding back there when we would go somewhere as a family. Since our other family car was a 1967 Oldsmobile 442, and knowing my Dads’ need for speed and performance, this truck was probably a real runner. This picture was taken in 1976, and I’d say it looks pretty cool. I’m very proud to say that we were cruising in a cool truck long before anyone else thought they were cool.

My first truck back in 1988, was a 1969 Chevy C-10. It was love at first sight for me. I remember seeing the ad in the paper on a Saturday morning, and later paid what I thought was a lot of money ($700). It sat on big steel 16” rims with tall skinny tires, and factory white hubcaps. It had a 350 / 4 speed, with a 4bbl carb. It ran great, and I learned to throw that long truck shifter really well as I did burn outs and raced anything I could. It had the custom interior, dealer installed AC under the dash, and a factory tach. It came with all the documentation from the first owner in Wyoming, including all the service records, receipts and the Protect-O plate. I didn’t do too much to this one except add dual exhaust, rebuild the top end of the motor and lowered it all around just by installing 14” wheels with wider tires. The 6 lug to 5 lug adapter plates widened the stance a bit, and made it look a little meaner. Those smaller wheels meant that the motor screamed everywhere I went and sucked an enormous amount of gas. But I didn’t care one bit. I just got a second job to pay for the extra gas. At the time, I knew my priorities.

My daughter, used her eighth grade graduation money to buy her first truck. She’d gone back and forth trying to decide what she wanted for a few years. I thought she was going to settle into either a 67-72 Chevy, or 47-53 Chevy. Then we were at a Barrett-Jackson auction and she fell in love with all things 1955. From then on that was all she wanted to look at or talk about. She started making a list of everything she was going to do to her first truck as I was mentally adding up the numbers. At car shows I would find her asking very direct questions of truck owners about how they did this, or how they did that. She was crawling under, over and around every 1955 Chevy truck she could find and built a dream list that eventually filled her I-Phone memory.
My daughter is just seventeen now, so her first truck story is far from over, and once she gets it fixed up, she may never sell it. Keep checking back, and we’ll keep you updated on her progress. It will be a fun journey for sure.

Three Generations of First Trucks - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota     Three Generations of First Trucks - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota                Three Generations of First Trucks - Angry Auto Group - Minot North Dakota


For Christmas 2018, we fit all the pieces on Carli’s ’55 pickup. We then pulled it outside and took some cool pictures so I could blow one up for a poster. I thought this would be the coolest Christmas present for Carli. What could be better than waking up every morning to see your first project waiting for you to get out of school and get to work.  This is what I call motivation.

1955 Chevy Pickup - Angry Auto Group - Minot - North Dakota