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Today is the day after Thanksgiving. The day after most of us paused for a moment to give thanks for a plethora of blessings bestowed upon us over the last year. We then ate far too much, and while watching a football game, many of us fell into a tryptophan induced coma for about an hour.

My goal is to write a story every week and talk about the cool vehicles we find or have in our yard for sale. I really want cars and trucks to be the focus and the center of attention. Today, and every day I, as well as my team at Angry Auto Group, are truly thankful for the people who love these vehicles (treasures) as much as we do. We are privileged to share in the excitement of a customer who either receives the parts we’ve shipped or drives across the country to pick up their latest purchase.

A couple months ago I purchased six vehicles located in a field about 80 miles from the shop. The blurry picture showed six vehicles, and I could see that none of them were in very good condition. I couldn’t even tell what make or year most of them were. The price was right even if I could salvage just a few parts from each one, before sending the carcasses off to be crushed.

A couple weeks later, as we were pulling the few good parts off, we received a call from a customer with questions about the front suspension on a 1936 Dodge. Incredibly, we had just confirmed that one of the six we had just brought in was a 1936 Plymouth. Jackpot!!!! The suspension parts he needed seemed to be intact and still on the car. We were able to get pictures and carefully remove everything for him. We had great success story, and a very happy customer.

We also just had a customer purchase his winter project from us. He fell in love, (just as we did) with our little 1950 Dodge pickup. This one had come in from Montana this past summer. After sending a deposit, he drove out from Massachusetts to pick it up himself. He was all smiles when he left, and I bet he hasn’t stopped smiling since. I was a little sad to see that truck go, but I know we did our job. We rescued if from a field, cleaned it up, and were able to put it in the hands of someone who will now put it back on the road.

We’ve sold some rare trim and rust-free body parts to customers in the Chicago area, New Jersey, and many other rust belt states. We can’t wait to see pictures of their finished projects and hear the cool stories that go with them.

We truly enjoy rescuing these vehicles, cleaning them up and selling them as titled, rolling stock for your restoration project. We equally enjoy carefully taking some of them apart and saving every piece, so they can be used to help even more vehicles stay on the road or look better at the next show. I never want to lose that feeling of satisfaction I get from personally having a hand in either the purchase, sale, or shipping of a vehicle or parts. We love hearing stories about projects and getting the phone call or email from a happy customer who excitedly tells us everything worked out great.

Check our website often. We are going to start posting stories of customers’ projects and give progress reports as often as we can.

This year on behalf of myself and my team, we want you to know that we are thankful to have the opportunity to be where we are, doing what we do, with all the great people who love old cars and trucks as much as we do.