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I arrived at a farm auction this summer to see roughly twenty-five nice trucks. They were lined up in long, straight rows in a field, ready for inspection. It was impressive. Many auctions of this type include a few decent vehicles along with more that had been worn out and sadly left out behind the barn, only to have grass and trees grown up between them.

As I walked along, I could see that these trucks ranged in years, from the 1930’s to the newest being from the late 1990’s. These trucks had been well-cared for and loved. This tells you a lot about the character of a farmer and the quality of the work that they do. As I looked on, there were several trucks that stood out to me, and one of them was this odd-looking GMC.

I haven’t seen very many of these, and none of them were ever as well-cared for as this one. With a clean cab and fresh looking straw in the bed, it looked like it has just been used to haul a few cows to market.

As the auctioneer came to the vehicles, his assistant began by starting each one. To my surprise, almost every one of them started and purred like a cat getting its belly rubbed. These trucks wanted to go home with a new owner and they couldn’t wait go back to work. I bid on several trucks and was able to purchase a couple of them, including the big GMC. I made arrangements to get it hauled back to the shop and then went home to savor the victory.

Once we had the truck at the shop, we went through our normal process of cleaning and research. I found almost every yearly license registration since 1963, neatly folded and placed behind the drivers side visor. In the ashtray, I also found a large stash of weight-slips dating back to the early 60s.

These slips tell the story of where this truck has been and what it was used for. I could almost see myself driving to the grain elevator with a load of wheat in 1965. I would have sold the wheat and then made several stops in town before heading home with supplies to keep the farm running. The latest use was for hauling cattle to market, as evidenced by the seemingly fresh straw in the back. This had been done many times through the years and was very likely the last chore this truck was used for.

GMC began making this style truck in 1960 and powered it with their new V6 motor. There are not a lot of these around and this one is in excellent condition with less than 20,000 miles. I was thrilled to drive it around the yard and I know this one is ready to be put back on the road. The bed-sides come off, and it would make a great little flatbed, or you could install a fifth wheel-plate and pull a big trailer full of cars. I’m sure this old girl would be happy going back to the field to haul wheat or cows.

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